Research Network Designer Award!


The Research Network Designer Award goes to the most creative idea for reconceiving the research process across all disciplines.

And the winner is…well, in true network fashion, the winners arejohn_kealy, #TeamAlphaQ4Data, and jtf for their cascading ideas around openly publishing research–both successes and failures–as you go about conducting it!


Over the past 36 hours 20,000+ ideas have been generated for UCSF2025. The ideas and people involved express the numerous possibilities of the future of how UCSF can become a thought leader in healthcare. One of the most important factors for pioneering institutions is research, but what will the nature of research look like? How will researchers interact and share their work? To acknowledge the importance of research in the future of UCSF we have awarded the Research Network Design Award to this adventurous build.

Players john_kealy, #TeamAlphaQ4Data, and jtf built upon one another to propose the use of #openscience within collaborative platforms that present real time data and results for researchers and the broader community.  This 3 card build has the potential to be extremely disruptive. The implications not only change how researchers interact with one another, but also the nature of how research will be attributed, patented, and used in the coming decades. This chain emphasizes the need for a culture of fail early, fail often, and fail publicly, in order to arrive at the most useful results the fastest. As we continue to explore the potential of big data, access to data and experimentation around how to best use it is much more powerful than the final results from one researcher. We are only at the frontier of understanding how to work with all our data…opening it up is our only hope!

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 6.54.31 PM

Congratulations, john_kealy#TeamAlphaQ4Data, and jtf !

Throughout game play, IFTF game guides were pouring over all of the amazing ideas and interactions to pull out some of the most innovative and provocative thoughts. So many ideas were played but we wanted to highlight the top players, cards, and chains that really stood out for their extraordinary contributions to a particular field. 

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