Relationship Centered Design and Aging

One of my favorite things about collaboration in the context of healthcare and wellness is thinking about how relationships can build better health amongst patients and build efficacy in the wellbeing economy.  This concept that I have called “relationship centered design” or RCD, has received some notable traction in UCSF2025 Foresight Engine.

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Using relationships as a strategic tool can shape better health outcomes and improve the community aspects in the healthcare system can provide new insights into building networked based, socialstructured, wellbeing.  RCD is about just that, crafting relationships that can impact positive outcomes. When we look at the coming decade of aging we can see there are new opportunities that can be had by developing healthcare models that are crafted around RCD. RCD has come up UCSF2025 game under the #teamaging tag as participants think about ways to bridge build healing relationships that move beyond merely symptom based treatment.

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Moving into the coming decade of the wellbeing economy social relationships will be brought into clinic environments and be part of the ambient experience that people expect. RCD can serve as an empowering component that assists in thinking about elders not as frail, but as a lifetime of relevant social connections and experiences we can begin to build more empowering health systems.


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