Partnering for impact

How can UCSF lead the way in 2025? Partnerships. UCSF is already a leader in so many health-related fields but it has been widely acknowledged in the game that interdisciplinary collaboration is key to finding new innovative solutions. Though a lot of the talk has been around breaking down barriers within UCSF itself, many players are encouraging breaking out of the confines of the institution altogether to work with outside players.

Russ Cucina suggested a few ways UCSF could use partnerships to tap into big data sets to fuel new studies that could ultimately lead to better, and more targeted patient care:

Russ Cucina

Players gravitytank_eg, Educators-R-Us, and CPC_Greg threw around some ideas about specific platforms and companies UCSF could work with to create new, health-focused products and services:

partner models

Partnerships with other institutions or industries could be a great way to lead the way in health innovation but many players, like ish and iyerav, warn of potential unintended consequences of such arrangements:

partnership caution

Though certainly something to approach with caution, it is clear that the Bay Area is filled with too many trailblazers and potential resources to ignore, like the GIANT(s) one sitting next to the Mission Bay campus (kudos to #TEAM Cro Magnon v.2 for starting this chain)!

giants chain

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