Higher Education Hero Award!

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The Higher Education Hero award goes to the most creative idea for reinventing higher education for the health sciences.

And the winner is…gravitytank_ann for their card, and the subsequent conversation it sparked, around a new path for families to leverage contextual learning from caregiving for educational flows.

As Rachel mentioned earlier, over the past two years there has been an explosion of innovations in learning outside of the classroom. Right now everyone is abuzz about MOOCs, or Massively Open Online Courses, but as IFTF executive director Marina Gorbis has pointed out, when we think just about MOOCs, we are thinking too small—we are moving towards a point where every life experience can be counted as a learning moment.

Player gravitytank_ann’s winning card on a new learning network for family caregivers puts that idea into practice. It takes a group of people who are already hard at work—family caregivers—and amplifies their experiences. Actions that before could have been seen as daily routine, or even burdensome, could count as work experience hours. Courses on new skills could be taken while actually using those skills at home. And have something you’re already particularly good at? You could teach that class to other caregivers—in your area or around the world. All of these actions can help you work towards a career as a health professional—or just add more learning moments in your life. Such a platform could revolutionize higher education in the health sciences by tapping into a more diverse group of students, providing more immersive and real-world learning experiences, changing the methods of course examinations, and creating a more caring community.


Congratulations, gravitytank_ann!

Throughout game play, IFTF game guides were pouring over all of the amazing ideas and interactions to pull out some of the most innovative and provocative thoughts. So many ideas were played but we wanted to highlight the top players, cards, and chains that really stood out for their extraordinary contributions to a particular field. 

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