Global Guru Award!


The Global Guru Award goes to the most creative idea for building a global footprint for UCSF to reach out around the world for more knowledge, new partnerships, and greater impact.

And the winner is…player anonymous, for their card envisioning a future in which UCSF pioneers innovations around the health-related implications of sourcing, producing, and disposing technology abroad!  An interesting way to take advantage of UCSF’s geographic location in a region known as a tech hub.

This card is truly a winning idea, making player anonymous a Global Guru. Player anonymous reminds us that building honest global impact may not be as sexy as knowledge exchanges and field assignments, rather it should be focused on ensuring that practices at home do not negatively impact health and wellbeing abroad. To be able to state that UCSF has become a leader in ending global illness and death caused by mining, manufacturing, and waste from the tech industry would be genuinely transformational.

Foresight Engine-6Congratulations, player anonymous!

Throughout game play, IFTF game guides were pouring over all of the amazing ideas and interactions to pull out some of the most innovative and provocative thoughts. So many ideas were played but we wanted to highlight the top players, cards, and chains that really stood out for their extraordinary contributions to a particular field. 

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