#green CHALLENGE: Set the standard for sustainable health

For the next two hours, let’s focus on how we could Set the Standard for Sustainable Health. See the challenge below and play your ideas using #green. Players with the best #green ideas will be highlighted in our blog!

The challenge: How will UCSF design sustainability into all its activities to assure that it not only meets emerging global standards, but actually sets those standards? And how will we remain at the forefront of measuring those impacts on human lives?

Practicing medicine, like so many facets of our contemporary culture, has largely developed without an eye to its impact on our environment and natural resources. As climate change intensifies over the next decade and our ecosystems become increasingly disrupted, the costs of unsustainable practices will threaten the viability of everything from campus maintenance to pharmaceutical regimens.

Leading-edge approaches to sustainability focus on dashboards that measure not only the impacts of activities on energy, water, and air, but also the complex interactions of these impacts with individual health factors, such as blood-oxygen levels, heart rate, or toxins in the body. Individuals are already pioneering some of these measurement systems, hacking together the technology they need to create these ecosystem feedback tools. But over the next decade, the urgency of the problem will demand much more sophisticated dashboards.

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