#publichealth CHALLENGE: Reinvent public health

For the next two hours, let’s focus on how we could Reinvent Public Health. See the challenge below and play your ideas using #publichealth. Players with the best #publichealth ideas will be highlighted in our blog!

The challenge: How can UCSF scale its public health practices to meet the daunting needs of a truly global community in an era of daunting public health threats?

UCSF has a long-standing commitment to advancing public health—and a 150-year track record to prove it. But as communities become more connected globally, as myriad health threats arise from infectious diseases, insect- and animal-borne pathogens and environmental toxins, as population density increases around the world, and as traditional sources of food, water, and medications become more uncertain, the scale of public health challenges will grow beyond any previous experience.

Already, the world is responding to these problems of scale with new forms of community-based health interventions, from peer-to-peer health platforms to the engagement of citizen scientists and innovative approaches to public health monitoring.

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