#education CHALLENGE: Re-envision health sciences education

For the next two hours, let’s focus on how we could Re-envision Health Sciences Education. See the challenge below and play your ideas using #education. Players with the best #education ideas will be highlighted in our blog!

The challenge: How can UCSF pioneer new platforms and practices in health sciences education that attract the most forward-focused and skilled learners, while integrating them into a rapidly changing landscape of health and medicine?

Across disciplines and around the world, education is undergoing a transformation as profound as the founding of universities and the introduction of public education. With growing costs and diminished funding for traditional classrooms—and with rapid evolution of knowledge in a highly interconnected online world—learning at every level is moving into digital spaces, both public and private.

Today, a new generation of players is entering the field to provide learning services, from global tutors and mentors to new institutions unencumbered by legacy systems, bureaucracy, regulations, and expectations. These new learning systems are creating a different kind of student, with unique skills, learning goals, and expectations of the role of education in their work lives.

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