#global CHALLENGE: Build a global footprint

For the next two hours, let’s focus on how we could Build a Global Footprint. See the challenge below and play your ideas using #global. Players with the best #global ideas will be highlighted in our blog!

The challenge: How will UCSF expand its global footprint of influence, action and impact as medical resources around the world are untethered from local institutions? How will it do so while maintaining its strong bonds with local Bay Area communities? And how do we continue to attract the best and brightest worldwide as our faculty, staff and students?

UCSF has built its foundation here as a brick-and-mortar biomedical research campus in San Francisco, with ties to both local communities and to the more than 50 countries around the world in which we work. Increasingly, medicine, health sciences research, and education are breaking out of their local silos to reach out around the world for more knowledge, more partnerships, and greater impact.

Over the next decade, new data sharing, innovative ways of collaborating and learning at a distance, and digital tools for practicing medicine remotely will expand UCSF’s already impressive global reach.


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