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On September 11-12, 2013, the UCSF community convened to run a forecast game about the future of UC San Francisco in the year 2025.  2,583 players ranging from faculty & staff to students, alumni, and friends of UCSF registered to play and shared 24, 711 ideas in response to the question What if you could map the future of UCSF in just 36 hours?

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Ultimately, analysis of this game took the pulse of the university, and resulted in two key zones to which UCSF should pay special attention:

1) Opportunity Spaces:  negotiate new partnerships, pioneer new funding models, rethink research and publication, re-envision health sciences education, and transform patient care.  These make up the core of the memo.

2) Outlier Insights:  these grouped into categories: people, practices, tools, capacities, leadership and are highlighted in the appendix.

In addition to the analysis of big ideas that surfaced, we invite you to explore the output of the game by searching the Game Archive to find ideas related to topics you think will drive urgent futures for UCSF.

Follow these three simple steps:

1.  Go to http://game.ucsf2025.org/users/sign_in

2.  If you played the game when it was live, then Sign In using the same username and password that you did during game play.  If this is your first time on the game site, then click Sign Up to get access.

Screen shot 2013-10-16 at 7.02.40 AM

3.  Use the search bar located in the upper right to find ideas related to a word or phrase that interests you.

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Here are a couple of example search results:

Search Query:  basic research (no quotes necessary)  Search Result:  http://game.ucsf2025.org/search?q=basic+research&search=Search

Search Query:  computer sciences (no quotes necessary)  Search Result:  http://game.ucsf2025.org/search?q=computer+science&search=Search

Search Query: biosilicon Search Result:  http://game.ucsf2025.org/search?q=biosilicon&search=Search

We hope the ideas players shared will help prime your thinking as you continue to map the future of UCSF.  In the next few blog posts, we’ll share some of the big ideas from the game, and we need you to weigh in on them to help us take them further.  Tell us:

What other big ideas do you see around each opportunity space?

What would you need to make this future real?

How can you expand on this set of ideas?

-Team UCSF2025

PS–There were several excellent near-term operational ideas (in contrast to the longer-term, strategic ideas highlighted in this series of blog posts).  These have been shared inside of UCSF.  Key categories include:  improving employee engagement, health and wellness, “simple solutions,” transit, sustainable campus life, and procurement.


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