2025 Opportunity | Transform Patient Care

Over the past decade, new health care players have begun to redesign the patient care marketplace. From retail health outlets for flu shots to full-body scanning services to digital diagnostic equipment, patient care is moving out of traditional hospitals and clinics and into homes, workplaces and new health care businesses. At the same time, hospitals are beginning to specialize, with big corporate contracts to serve employees seeking particular procedures (such as heart care).

This process will accelerate over the next decade, as cheap sensors and advances in biosciences make our brains, genes, microbiomes, biomarkers, activity levels, and even emotional health metrics available to people outside the walls of traditional health institutions—and as these institutions struggle to balance legal demands for more systematic processes with consumer demands for more personalized care.

The opportunity space:  for UCSF to super-charge patient care in a rapidly shifting ecosystem of health service providers, technologies, and consumer practices.

Illustrative themes:  Move Precision-Medicine Upstream, Highlight Human Connection in Community, Innovate Technology Infrastructure for Learning & Patient-Centered Care

We need you to weigh in on this 2025 opportunity space to help us take it further.  Using the comment field, tell us:

What other big ideas are there around this opportunity space?

What would you need to make this future real?

How can you expand on this set of ideas?

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  1. Rachel Hatch says:

    Please share your thoughts in the comments here! -Team UCSF2025

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