2025 Opportunity | Pioneer New Funding Models

From medical research to higher education and patient care, traditional sources of funding are becoming increasingly uncertain. The large institutions that have distributed funds— state and federal government, insurance companies, and large corporate investors—are all facing new challenges themselves, while philanthropy is facing increasing demand from all sides. In short, traditional funding is no longer a sustainable model for supporting the future of health.

Meanwhile, nascent experiments in financial alternatives are already remaking the landscape of investment and entrepreneurial funding. Crowdfunding, peer-to-peer insurance and lending, and even alternative currencies and time banking are providing new ways for people to get what they need to support their education, their work, and their health.

The opportunity space: for a major institution like UCSF to transform its financial infrastructure in order to take advantage of new and more sustainable funding opportunities.  And to do so all in one short decade.

Illustrative themes:  Develop Expertise in Boomers & Convert into Loyal Community, Master Crowdfunding, Explore New Currencies for Exchange

We need you to weigh in on this 2025 opportunity space to help us take it further.  Using the comment field, tell us:

What are other big ideas around this opportunity space?

What would you need to make this future real?

How can you expand on this set of ideas?

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  1. Rachel Hatch says:

    Please share your thoughts in the comments here! -Team UCSF2025

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