2025 Opportunity | Negotiate New Partnerships

UCSF has built its foundation here as a brick-and-mortar biomedical research campus in San Francisco, with ties to both local communities and to the more than 50 countries around the world in which it works. Increasingly, medicine, health sciences research, and education are breaking out of their local silos to reach out across industries and around the world for more knowledge, more partnerships, and greater impact.

Over the next decade, new data sharing, innovative ways of collaborating and learning at a distance, and digital tools for practicing medicine remotely will expand UCSF’s already impressive global reach.

The opportunity space: for UCSF to expand its footprint of influence, action and impact as medical and research resources around the world are untethered from traditional institutions. And to do so while maintain strong bonds with local Bay Area communities and experimenting with new, unexpected partnerships.

Illustrative themes:  Collaborate on Health Data, Leverage Partners Within and Across UC System, Partner for Influence, Build the BioSilicon Valley, Partner with K-12

We need you to weigh in on this 2025 opportunity space to help us take it further.  Using the comment field, tell us:

What are other big ideas around this opportunity space?

What would you need to make this future real?

How can you expand on this set of ideas?

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  1. Rachel Hatch says:

    Please share your thoughts in the comments here! -Team UCSF2025

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